Back to Life ~ The “New Normal”

It’s only a matter of time till we can return to our lives, the big questions is what will the new normal look like? What measures should we as proactive citizens take to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.

Social Distancing practices while a good starting point, will not serve to protect us by themselves, the reality is that humans are social creatures and beyond that with everything else going on in our minds in the course of our daily lives it is easy to find ourselves vulnerable to coming in contact with unsafe surfaces and environments without even realizing it.

From car doors, to shopping carts and everything in between we need to be vigilant but we can not accept to live in fear, and so the team here at has done the leg work for you in bringing together a full suite of protection products for yourself, your family, your home and your lifestyle.

Our approach to solution is simple, provide timely access to the tools you need to protect yourself in the most efficient ways possible.

We don’t just push products… we aim to offer solutions to filling in the gaps that pandemic culture has created in our lives.

A couple of our preliminary self-created offerings are the CoVID-KEY ( and AquaSani (

CoVID-KEY is the first Touchless Tool to allow you to navigate being contact free in public space that require you to make what once were common actions like open doors, push buttons and use touchscreens. No longer feel anxious when entering elevator or confronted with a touchpad at the grocery checkout. Your Co-VID-KEY is here to help Unlock Your Freedom!

AquaSani is our solution to what became a nation-wide issue of supply shortage when hand sanitizer became unavailable and then came back to store shelves at a major price jump as a result of demand far out pacing manufacturer capacity to supply. Our Pandemanians put on our thinking caps and looked to the root of the issue, we need to disinfect and sanitize our hands, our homes and our personal spaces. We knew that in times like these where economic instability is in the back of all our minds we needed a solution that could justify it’s value. Our founder is also a strong believers in applying science to solving modern day problems and so looked to the wisdom of generations gone by that applied salt and water to create simple disinfectant solutions and built upon that foundation by adding in Electrolytic conversion to create a Hydrochlorous solution that rivals branded off-the-shelf sanitization and cleaning products like Clorox at a fraction of the price and can be reused over and over. Simple salt + tap water + AquaSani and you can reusably create a disinfectant capable of killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria!

As this pandemic continues to evolve you can trust that our team of Pandemanians is hard at work sourcing readily available supply of PPE, exploring new technologies and bringing you the tools to bring you back that piece of mind that you are back in control of your own world and living environment.

If you believe in what we are doing and want to help we would love your support! Please feel free to share our website and like our social media pages… we appreciate your patronage and support. #WeAreAllInThisTogether