Introducing the CoVID-KEY!

The COVID-19 crisis has undeniably shaken the very foundation of our lives. It has also changed our relationship with everyday objects. Common surfaces are now under suspicion. Probably, door handles will never seem innocent again. We think twice as we enter an elevator and need to select our destination floor, what was once a simple selection at the ATM is now a potentially life-threatening health hazard.

We must adapt to the new circumstances, evolve in our behaviours and develop solutions to allow us to move forward with getting back to living our lives.

Although surfaces may pose a risk of harbouring germs, virus and disease we don’t need to be paralyzed from fear, we simply need to make sure we avoid direct contact with such touch-points in our day-to-day lives and be sure to wash our hands both correctly and often.

To achieve staying contact free, Pandemania proudly presents CoVID-KEY (, the convenient, pocket-sized, touch-free tool that allows you to avoid contact with publicly used surfaces.

Designed to fit most hands and comfortably fit in your pocket/purse or attach to your keychain or lanyard, the CoVID-KEY Touchless tool is your first line of defence from being in contact with suspicious surfaces.

The CoVID-KEY is made of Brass, which is an alloy comprised of Copper and Zinc, which are elements well known for their Anti-microbial properties and being easy to keep clean and sanitary.

CoVID-KEY is perfectly designed for opening doors, pushing buttons and carrying handles, Co-VID-KEY also comes equipped with Stylus functionality so you can use touchscreens without using your fingers.

Every Co-VID-KEY also comes with a Hygienic Carry Pouch to protect your pocket/purse from potential cross contamination after use and can be conveniently attached to your keychain or lanyard for convenient access in your day-to-day routine.

Co-VID-KEY makes a great gift and comes in both single and multi-packs designed to suit the needs of your personal life, family life and cater to your team/companies.

Get Your Co-VID-KEY today… and Unlock Your Freedom!